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Pakcoin pool offers 10% bonus
posted 07/22/2018 00:25:37

This pool offers 10% bonus proportional to your payouts. If you are getting 100 pak as regular payout, now you will get 110 PAK. This offer is on till further notice.

PAK/BTC price ticker added
posted 10/13/2015 13:58:02

Price ticket for PAK/BTC has been added to the dashboard. The price is being updated from

Pakcoin Paper Wallet Generator Online now
posted 09/22/2015 18:38:44

Paper wallet generator for Pakcoin is online at

Ignore the site errors
posted 09/22/2015 18:36:36

Please ignore the errors displayed as they are being automatically corrected. 

Pakcoin Block Explorer URLs updated
posted 09/20/2015 00:29:23

Now you can just click on any transaction or block number in statistics page to see its complete information on Pakcoin block explorer

Please use public email addresses
posted 08/03/2015 13:33:39

New users should use Gmail , hotmail or Yahoo email addresses to avoid problem in receiving emails from this pool.